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Pioneering Brainwave Technology includes powerful Alpha, Theta & Delta Brainwave entrainment. Christopher uses pioneering audio brainwave technology and dreamy Soundscape music to guide your brainwaves into a deep state of trance and relaxation. This music will meditate YOU! This state of mind, of relaxed mental awareness and reflection, is superbly beneficial to the exploration of deeper levels of consciousness where personal and spiritual insights await to greet and teach you. This music will guide you into a meditative state naturally and effortlessly, simply by listening to the wonderful and soothing music.

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Music for Kundalini Awakening Spirit Walk Out of Body Experience
Music for Kundalini AwakeningSpirit Walk Out of Body Experience

Music for Kundalini Awakening The arousing of Kundalini is said by some to be the one and only way of attaining Divine Wisdom. Self- Realization is said to be equivalent to Divine Wisdom or Self-Knowledge. The awakening of the Kundalini shows...

Spirit Walk Music for Out of Body Experience This powerful music, with clinically proven pioneering brainwave technology, is designed for the listener to have an authentic Out of Body Experience. An out-of-body experience is an experience...