Manifest Wealth and Abundance

Manifest Wealth & Abundance

This self-hypnosis recording works at the level of the subconscious mind to break old patterns, and build confidence and personal power with an emphasis on Higher Success, Wealth, and Abundance. Changing your life is easy when you know how to transcend what has kept you behind in patterns of upsets and set-backs, what others may see as failures. Many have reported after listening to this recording that they have healed the past that had kept them sabotaging their life's best intentions, moving forward in their life with confidence, high self-worth and personal power.


A famous Hollywood movie producer listened to this recording every day for two weeks… He called to tell me, My life has changed already! The Golden Flow of money energy is coming at me like never before… I not only got the deal, I am SHOCKED with how much money they are paying me! Way beyond even my imagination. And I can imagine A LOT!” True Story!

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