Music for Higher Learning & Memorization

Brainwave Music for Higher Learning
& Deep Memorization 

This music, which is combined with very specific Alpha & Theta Brainwave technology, is designed to create a mild trance like state of consciousness for the purpose of relaxation, learning, studying, memorization, higher intelligence & insight! Listen to this powerful music while studying and the information will be stored deep into your mind and subconscious mind. For deeper memorization, repeat out loud what you desire to memorize while listening to the recording.

Alpha brainwaves are those most frequently found when you are in a deep meditation state. The presence of alpha waves indicates that you are in a relaxed and deeply peaceful, soothing state of mind. Alpha brainwave states are typically associated with contemplation, visualization, problem solving, and accessing deeper levels of creativity. Theta brainwaves represent a state of deep relaxation and meditation, enhanced creativity, stress relief, light sleep. and dreaming. Theta brainwaves states have been used in meditation for centuries. Research has proven 20-30 minutes a day of Theta meditation can dramatically improve a person’s overall health and well-being, and profound increase of intelligence.

Music for Higher Learning & Memorization
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