The Art of Low Carb Weight Loss

The Art of Low Carb Weight Loss 

This guided meditation is not filled with subliminal messages; it is spoken word by a professional Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist who has helped 10’s of thousands of people just like you. This recording is all about subconscious reprogramming. Now you can simply change your life by listening to this recording and your mind will easily and effortlessly begin to flush out the desires of self-sabotaging eating habits.


You will push away the high carbohydrate and sugary foods that are not good for you, and automatically buy and eat the foods you know you should. You will successfully change old unhealthy eating habits and patterns to healthy eating habits wherever you are, at home, work,  restaurants, and between meal snacks.

It's like being on a diet without even trying!

This recording contains a unique combination of relaxation music, brainwave technology, and spoken word, combined with state of the art digital recording to help alter self-sabotaging behavior so you can lose the weight you want, and stay slim for life.

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